May 10, 2024

Right now I’m decompressing during the Easter holidays. I have some assignments to do and some lectures to catch up to, but this semester has been going a lot smoother than the previous ones.

The two most interesting courses that I attend this semester are a cryptography and a security course, each with its own merits and difficulties. The math behind cryptography systems are pretty complex but also very intriguing and make you appreciate the beauty of mathematics, but also collective effort through the times.

Suggested listening

March 03, 2024

Overhauled the site, one year later… I’ll try to make writing more of a habit this year.

Starting a new semester full of potential and possibilities. Let’s hope I become a bit more organized this time around.

Music I listen to these days:

  • Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media - In The Groove
  • The Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads